Tauchclub-Görlitz. e. V.

02826 Görlitz

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The Club

Foto: www.strato.de

The diving club Görlitz exists since 1990 in the current organisational structure. Now there are about 60 adults and 20 young people active. The club is member of the German Sports Diver Association (VDST) and the State Sports Association (LSB). The main interest of the club members are the diving in the near surrounding and on diving trips and not the competitive sport of in-door snorkelling or swimming.

In 2000 the club bought a flooded quarry as permanent diving spot. The members now have a possibility for diving ("Hausbruch") all the year close by and reachable with little efforts. Already traditions are the "Christmas" diving on December 25th and the start of new outdoor season at the en of April, when all members go diving together. During the winter season, the club uses the indoor pool in Görlitz (Neisse-Bad) for training and education.